La belle et sa bête

La belle et sa bête

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12 and under. This multidisciplinary Hip Hop musical sings the story of a young woman named Belle who is unable to communicate with her Beast. They just can’t seem to understand each other’s words, so they keep bothering each other despite their mutual love and desire to be friends. Original music by Philippe Dionne, Hip-Hop dance as well as amusing characters hiding in their house teach Belle and Beast that there exist many different ways to communicate.

Discover a moving piece offering children an accessible insight on emotional intelligence and encouraging non-verbal communication as well as attentive listening of our peers.

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1 review for La belle et sa bête

Svetlana Khotina

My daughter simply adored the show! It is a beautiful introduction to performing arts: puppets, dance, music, theatre! I appreciated that she could participate throughout the show. Thousand kisses to Plume! 🙂

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