Love Lion

Love Lion

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8 and under. This multidisciplinary show tells the story of the Lion King, un kind and gentle-hearted lion who undertakes the creation of an army in order to conquer the world and prove that he is very kind, despite his huge size. One by one, the magic animals of Camille St-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals introduce themselves to the king through giant singing and dancing puppets entirely made from recycled materials. Get ready to be transported into an enchanted universe where we can change the world by listening to each other and uniting!

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3 reviews for Love Lion

Garderie Imagination West

Excellent show including singing, dancing, and home made marionettes out of recycled materials. Great for all ages. The children at our center, aged from 7 months – 5 years, all remained mesmerized and focussed for the entire 45 minutes! They also absolutely loved the visit from Plume; the giant polar-dog!

Chantal Dufresne

What a beautiful corporate event that happened last April 14th with the performance of “Love Lion” for the employees of AGA Collective Insurance. The young and also the not so young totally loved the experience!

Émilie Bélanger

Joanie is magnificent with her show “Love Lion” which is perfect to stimulate children’s imagination and inspire their artistic mind.

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