Pile Up

Pile Up

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Pile Up is a playful and enchanting visual universe made up entirely of garbage and obsolete items. The work is aimed at inspiring recovery and renewal as a way to awaken environmental awareness in children and their parents.

The protagonists—two clumsy and endearing raccoons—seem to make their existence around a pile of garbage that they strive to grow, protect and maintain. Curiously, their challenges and successes bring them into contact with other animals, each more fantastic than the last, struggling with the same problems they are! When the two mischief-makers set out in search of plastic bottles to add to their treasure pile, they stumble on a turtle looking for identical bottles to make the shell that is its home. When the pair manages to grow a small flower in spite of a glaring lack of water, they meet a thirsty elephant attracted by their tiny green shoot. Their green thumb also leads them to meet a shy young monkey and an old pink flamingo who draws us into memories of flights through endless horizons. Moved by the environmental challenges facing their new friends and ready to do whatever it takes to help them, the raccoons rely on the participation of all the children in the room to see their mission through to success!



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