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Pile Up is a playful and enchanting visual universe made up entirely of garbage and obsolete items. The work is aimed at inspiring recovery and renewal as a way to awaken environmental awareness in children and their parents.

Stella the unicorn

For the entire family! A mobile show for your major events, outdoor parties, parades and festivals.

Stella, the 15-foot-high giant unicorn with a 12-foot wingspan, is sure to dazzle your community. Funded by the CALQ and collectively created by groups of children from all over Quebec, Stella embodies the cherished values of Meute Monde—solidarity, tolerance, imagination, creativity and, above all, environmental responsibility.


For the whole family! Perfect activity for your large events, outdoor parties, parades, and festivals.

Host Meute Monde’s four gigantic birds. The Peacock, the Parrot, the Swan and the Flamingo will certainly charm both young and old while patrolling your crowds. With their beautiful danced movements, sometimes magnificent, sometimes humoristic, these captivating beasts will get everyone moving, even the shyest of your guests!


8 and under. This interactive piece is perfect for you birthday parties, daycare, kindergarten, local library and other family events! Stage productions also available.

This multidisciplinary show tells the story of King Plume, a kind and gentle-hearted lion who undertakes the creation of an army in order to conquer the world and prove that he is very sensitive, despite his huge size. One by one, the magic creatures of Camille St-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals introduce themselves to the king through giant singing and dancing puppets entirely made from recycled materials. Get ready to be transported into an enchanted universe where we can change the world by listening to each other and uniting!

Noël Ensemble

12 and under. Sing and dance your favorite Christmas melodies with Meute Monde’s recycled puppets!

Discover the moving story of Marguerite, the most beautiful flower of the whole field, who spent all year praying the sun from dawn to dusk. This year is very special, she is certain of it! She will finally receive the most precious of gifts: a pair of real butterfly wings which will allow her to fly away and dance in the sky with her best friends the butterflies. Will she truly be granted her wish so easily?


From 8 to 12. A multidisciplinary show offering a modernized approach to Quebec traditional song, contemporary and jazz dance, as well as unique giant puppets made with recycled media materials.

In the small village of Savoie, the tradition requires that all new parents go and give birth to their baby in the forest, where nature will swiftly make them hear their new-born’s unique song. All the kids of the village will sing their own song all through their lives to trace their path. However, Catherine, taken away from her mom when she was still just a little baby, does not remember her song. She has to undertake a huge journey to find her melody…

Creative Workshops

Complete your birthday party, school, daycare, kindergarten or library visit with a unique workshop! No matter your children’s interest, we’ve got the perfect activity to engage them.

Recycled Puppets Crafting

The kids are invited to replicate in their own style some of the characters met during the show. They learn to choose appropriate materials and techniques to realize their vision: newspapers, plastic bags, old pieces of fabric, cans, bottles…


Creative Movement

This activity is an initiation to dance and the language of the body. We revisit some pieces from the Carnival of the Animals while studying more attentively their musicality. Therefore, children learn to express the various musical qualities through movement (fast/slow, loud/soft, gentle/powerful, happy/sad).


Initiation to Yoga

We introduce the kids to yoga through the exploration of related poses and breathing techniques. For example, we discover the Lion’s Breath, mimic the fish with Bow Pose and use Child’s Pose to hide like the turtle.

Zoo animation

Visit from Plume in smaller groups, allowing each child to tame him, pet him and indulge in his legendary peacefulness. You will see that Plume is a magnet for small curious hands and a most authentic smile provoking machine!


Hip Hop Dance

Children are taught a choreographic excerpt from « The Beauty and Her Beast ». They are also invited to express their creativity by sharing their favorite moves with their peers to collectively create their own piece of choreography.

Canine Communication

Children learn how to use their bodies and voice pitches to successfully apply basic canine commands (sit, down, paw). They also develop their observation and listening skills as they figure out the messages Plume sends them with his tail and ears.

Studio Recording

Your kids have always dreamed of a proper studio session like the biggest pop stars? This workshop will give them a taste of this glamourous experience and they will be ecstatic to bring their first audio recording back home!


Recycled Christmas Gift Crafting

Is it really necessary to spend your entire budget on expensive Christmas gifts? Your friends and relatives will be amazed with these free gifts filled with originality and love.

Music and Movement

Learn to marry music and dance for unpreceded holiday celebrations!

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